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Every month includes details about a new cultural destination. Start exploring the world, meet new friends and connect with other children around the globe! 

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What makes us different

Our Program

Our program was developed to share newly published Little Buzz children's books and carefully selected picturebooks from our featured authors with children around the globe. The Little Buzz character is an explorer who wants you to come along for the ride! Through our destination-themed Little Buzz book packages, every month your child will be transported to an exciting new place discovering a new culture, custom, and way of life. Little Buzz Book Club provides engaging books for children from all backgrounds.

For curious children filled with self-pride

Give your kids a dose of self-confidence, global awareness, and literacy one month at a time.

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Are we ruining our children?

I will admit that I am the mother that wants her children to have every opportunity available to them. Since I grew up without both parents and in poverty I vowed my children would not know the adversity I faced.
Raising Buzz

Raising Buzz

While typically my Sundays are busy days that I try to spend cleaning the house, doing laundry, and preparing for the upcoming week, today I am resting. It's been a busy week and I am a little more tired than usual. As mothers and caretakers, it is important that we take the time we need for ourselves as often as possible.

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