Are we ruining our children?

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I will admit that I am the mother that wants her children to have every opportunity available to them. Since I grew up without a lot of material possessions I vowed my children would not know the adversity I faced. But here's the thing, I have now realized (with my husband's help) that I may not be allowing them to experience the hunger and drive that helped to make me successful in life. When my kids forget their lunch or dance clothes for rehearsal, I am the one that rushes over to bring it. If I go to Starbucks for a $6 latte my kids are there getting their own $6 drinks. The problem is I worked really hard in school and work to earn the privilege of a pricey drink, they didn't.  Well, like all lessons, knowing is half the battle. Here's to some changes this momma is making. What do you think? Are we ruining our kids?

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