Join the Little Buzz Book Club and give your kids a dose of self-confidence and global awareness one month at a time. Children explore exciting new cultural destinations including Harlem, Brazil, Ghana, Cuba and more. There are 24 adventures in all, you will receive one new adventure each month.

Monthly packages arrive with a new Buzz Adventures Picture book, a postcard from Little Buzz, Little Buzz Reader Magazine, library card, bookmark, and more! 

$35.00 per month/ Cancel anytime!

Little Buzz is a fun-loving character that loves to visit exciting new places around the world. Our books feature colorful and lively pictures that portray children from around the globe. Little Buzz Book Club provides engaging books for children from all backgrounds. 

Membership is monthly, cancel anytime! Your happiness guaranteed. 

Imagine your child excited to read their next book about a new friend in a far away place. Our stories will expand your child's imagination, dispel cultural stereotypes, and instill a value for friendship among children around the globe.

Our membership is perfect for boys and girls ages 2 to 8 years old.


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