Meet Little Buzz

Little Buzz Book Club

Qadar, also known as Little Buzz is our energetic, fun, sweet, and loving boy. When Qadar was two years old, we realized he taught himself how to read. He developed a rare condition called, hyperlexia (a natural ability to decode and understand words without the ability to speak in conversations). While reading words, stories, symbols, and signs, he was diagnosed with a severe speech and language disorder.

Qadar had a hard time communicating what he was doing or saying with family and friends. Answering simple questions was a daily struggle for him. Eventually, he began to mimic conversations he read in books and heard around him. Qadar is constantly comforted by mom, dad, big sis and the books he reads. He loves to put himself inside of books. When he’s not curled up in a chair with a favorite book, Qadar is playing with his puppy, Dymo. You may also find him laughing and running through his backyard with his two chickens, Fancy and Tulip.

As his mom, I learned a great lesson, Qadar’s challenges have given him a very special gift:  The ability to go inside himself and take his mind in places he may never have known as a “normal” five year old. Through Little Buzz, he’s sharing his love of reading with children everywhere.